Saturday, 28 March 2015

Introduction to 2nd Hand Wargaming
Hosts: Joshua Shoobridge
Episode Outline S1E2


Basic Update, Welcome to the Show and update of the social media sites.

Hobby Desk Update:

Painting my Necrons up, after a couple of months focusing on Fantasy I felt my 40k models were being neglected. Organizing my hobby space, I will have an external facility to do bigger projects in soon! Stay Tuned for that! Pictures On Facebook Page! Also! We have become proud members of the Troll in the Corner Podcast Network!

Clubs New Place
Change of venue and time! We moved from the Church Hall of which I am a member and to the Tura Beach Country Club. On every other Thursday. At this new venue we have the opportunity to have better events. Also if there are any listeners who want to challenge my good self at a 1500 point game, send an email to  These game will be featured on the youtube channel The Hobby Desk Australia

Getting 2nd Hand Minis.
Welcome to the hobby, or do you already have a collection that is borderline hoarder and yet you still want to build a legion of the mini! I have a few ways for you to not only do this but also be a fantastic community member. - - various facebook groups. 
Stripping models and going from the badly painted to the pro finish!

Review: Open Fire Starter Set
I have had the old set for about two years now, I actually got the first set and then the next one after it. This set, although doesn’t have new minis, it has the potential to bring more and more into the hobby. New books and a new line of minis that can be purchased with the new box.

Coming Up Next Time
The Senate!!!!!!!!! Nothing scripted!!!!!

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